Monday, January 14, 2008


Okay - perhaps I am a bit obsessed with pink...I just cannot help myself.
I saw a photo of this flower and could not get it painted fast enough...took about 4 or so hours..but I absolutely LOVE the results....what a great pink...what a simple flower that just
makes me feel good and smile...I really am quite happy with it!!! (can you tell?)
I know this may sound wishy washy - but I truly believe that nature is truly God showing us miracles everyday...such beauty - such simplicity - and the fragrances are outstanding..
to me that all means a miracle..something to remind us - that beauty is everywhere and can be seen in everything!!!
This is my entry today for CED - YAYAYAY!!!

Now for the real HAPPY HAPPY NEWS...Leah from Creative Every Day has bestowed this
beautiful little award

because I make her smile/make her day - What an awesome compliment...and truly an award that I will always treasure!!!
I owe Leah so much - because of her GREAT idea of Being Creative Everyday Projects - it has allowed me to come out of my shell more and meet some new people and display my art and given me motivation to move forward instead of finding excuses not to pursue what makes me happy!!! Her art is AMAZING....( I just look and drool)...she has a very inspiring and heartfelt blog...and is just one of the nicest people I have met in my new journey!!
So THANK YOU Leah for being you and for the GREAT award...

The description of this award follows:
Give the award to up to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel so happy about blogland! Let them know by posting a comment on their blog so that they can pass it on. Beware! You may get the award several times!

I do not think I know 10 people - but here is my list of people whose blog really make me happy reading and inspire me in some way:
Mary Ann

WOW - I do know 10 people - how cool is that!!!!
Check out their blogs - I know you won't be disappointed...they all deserve the award as well as so many others - but I could only pick 10 - so these are my 10 for today!!
Thanks for stopping by and Looking!!


Anke said...

Oh, Ellie you are so sweet. Thank you so much! Beautiful flower you created, wow that takes a lot of time painting one, I wouldn't have the patience for it. Looking forward to see more of those beauties comming ;)Now I will be off to pass the award along to 10 more blogs ;) You will be definitely getting one again ;) Smiles, Anke ;)

Abbie said...

Hi Ellie!
Thank you! You are such a sweetie! :) I love pink too, it started when my daughters were born, never realy cared for it before that. :) Have a lovely week!
:) Abbie

Holly said...

Ellie! That is so sweet! I hope I continue to make your day!!!!!

Monique said...

Aaw you're so sweet! Thank you for the award, you made my day! Have a great day!

mary ann said...

awwww ellie! thanks i am really honored! what a sweetheart you are!! you made my day...actually you make my day whenever you come visit me at my blog :0)!!! i'm so glad that you decided to share more of you & your wonderful art here in bloggyland!

i love love love the pink it an impatien or bigger than that? awesome!!! (hey, pls. add that to the "colors" book over at handmade mon).

also, thank you for being such a great bloggy pal!!!

xoxo mary ann

amy said...

Wow thanks! I don't think I've gotten a blog award ever so extra thanks! I love your blog too so I would give you the award right back!

altermyworld said...

Thank you Ellie for making me smile, you are a gift to this world.
Your digital art is amazing. I love all of them. Pink is IN!!!!

Leah said...

aww, thanks so much ellie!! your post made me smile. :-)

ArtsyMama said...!! Thank you so very much. Your kind words are so very much appreciated!!!