Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I was visiting blogs and through Diane M. McKnight’s blog She mentioned a create your own site that sounded like fun called Flame Painter…I went to go play..!!!

So I played and the above is just letting things flow and I love love love it…it really gives one a sense of freedom and just flowing away…it is NOTHING fancy or inspiring…but made me feel dreamy and no pressure…so that was nice…my internet connection is still iffy minute to minute so I wanted to upload something that I created but also quick and fun!! I must go back to the site and play some more!

The dsl company said by Thursday all this internet garbage would be resolved – I so hope so…because this rushing and hoping that I stay on long enough to do anything is driving me crazy.

Just as a side note – the weather in Florida is AWESOME – it was quite cool…(sweater weather) and today it is 78 degrees and the bluest blue skies I have ever seen in a long time. The kind of day to sit at the beach to read or just listen to the ocean ….dreamy!!

Today is day 10 of my double challenge month…loving it!!!
THANKS for stopping by and leaving feedback – I so appreciate the support and encouragement.


Julie Jordan Scott said...

Wow! This is awesome, Ellie! I see dolphins swimming and birds flying. SOOO freeing!

Big hugs!

My AEDM Video Poetry Performance.

Anne said...

Looks like fun! How nice to have awesome weather. The snow here hasn't fully melted yet, but it's sunny and warmer so I can't complain, though being at the beach would be more fun. Enjoy the day!

tammy vitale said...

I will not go and look because undoubtedly this would keep me up waaaaay past my bedtime just playing. On-line playground. As I am totally addicted to Bejeweled I will not add another (well, maybe I'll just go peek...surely a peek can't hurt, right?)

Louise said...

Love the colours. I went to a firework/bonfire display last week and this reminds me of it - more the fire than the fireworks. That's the stylistic freedom of it I think.

Diane M. McKnight, BFA, LLMSW Artist/Healing Art Guide said...

Thanks for the credit for turning you onto this awesome site. I am so glad that you enjoyed the "dreamy" "freedom" of the art play there. That is what I felt, and the cool thing is that I am incorporating some of these as abstract images in my other art. Kind of fun! Enjoy AEDM.