Thursday, December 02, 2010


I must apologize from the bottom of my heart…. the night of November 10th I was feeling really bad – my stomach started cramping and I could not understand why—well that was just the beginning – I was sick to my stomach (throwing up) for over 7 days….I have never been that sick before in my life. I could not even talk or whisper without getting sick to my stomach…and it has taken me until today to sit long enough at my computer to leave a note as to what happened to me. I caught some vicious stomach virus that lasts a good 3-4 weeks…it takes what seems forever for your stomach to stop cramping  etc…every muscle in my body still hurts from it all.

Thank God I can finally sit up for a bit..and check on my emails and update the blog etc….I truly did not think I would be back to this point before the new year.

Well on to better and brighter things….the above flower is one that I digitally painted before I got sick….I love the color purple…I really do not like the white edging on the flower – I will have to work on that…. Well I did not make it the whole month of November for NABLOPOMO but there is always next year…I also wanted to THANK YOU ALL who sent me kind messages and such while I was missing…I so appreciate all the good thoughts and prayers…slowly but surely I am getting there.

I hope that December is just as creative as November was for you all….I am hoping it is for me…Thanks for stopping by..I so appreciate the company.


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Splendiferous Girls said...

So glad to hear you are feeling better. Your flower is beautiful.