Sunday, October 12, 2008


I thought I would list another craft idea - we used to do this craft at my daycare with the
kids - for Mother's Day...very easy...we used rose colored cellophane so that the kisses really
did look like roses...yellow or red are best - white does not look as good (at least to me)...
Give it a try -

Candy Kiss Roses

For each flower:
2 kisses
1 square colored plastic wrap/cellophane
Floral tape

Put the two kisses together with flat bottoms touching. Put tip of one kiss in the center of the square of wrap and pull wrap down around the kisses. Put a wire up next to the kisses. Pull the wrap down over part of the wire and wrap floral tape around starting at the tip of the bottom kiss. Tape securely. Once you make the first one or two and get the technique down they go very quickly. These make a wonderful bouquet.
**side note** the square of wrap/cellophane has to be big enough so that when you cover both kisses it covers them entirely -

I am hoping to take some pics of life around the ol' homestead - but convincing my head of doing that seems to be a major undertaking -
enjoy the craft and have a great weekend!!!
Thanks for stopping by and looking - PEACE~!~


Emmi said...

Very cool. The kids have the week off so I may just have them try this. Thanks

Anke said...

Hi Ellie, wonderful posts again with great inspiration and projects. I love the Halloween trees! What a cool idea!
Before I forget I tagged you....check it out at my blog.
Now to your problem with vista.....hope you can solve it soon, my parents got a new PC with Vista also and it's kind of irritating if you are used to XP.
I know what you mean with the 'fast result' doing art. I'm kind of the same way. Drawing something real or paint a still live wouldn't fullfill me at all and just stressing me out. So just follow your inner desire, whatever makes you happy, is right to do.
So off to tag the others and than off the PC to finally relax a little. Had a full busy weekend, smiles and hugs your way, Anke ;)