Thursday, October 09, 2008


This is one of the ATC cards I created a while back - just trying to play without any stress or obligation sort of speak.
Kind of simple but to be honest - sometimes I really like simple.
Right now I am digitally painting another beautiful flower but it seems to be going very slow - so I had to walk away from it for a while before I get frustrated.
I think I have definitely discovered that I always need instant gratification and results when I create or play in creating...well that is a good step forward.
I think that is why I love my digital camera - instant results - instead of having to wait to see what the pictures might look like....I guess I have no patience that way.
What has creating helped you discover about yourself?
I will definitely include the above in my entry to today's CED ... it is always good to create!
What are you all creating?
Well Thanks for stopping by and Looking!!!


Sacred Suzie said...

This is gorgeous. I would love to know how you do this. I'd love to see a tutorial one day! Although of course I will be away until Halloween, LOL.

I have found out that I am very versatile, I didn't know this. I like to create according to the seasons and much indulge the "dark side" with my spookiness around Halloween. I wonder what winter will bring? It's my least inspiring time of year.

Abbie said...

Hi Ellie!
oh, what fun! It is so happy and cheerful. :) Just like your presence here in blogland. You bring a smile to my face everyday! Thank you!