Monday, October 29, 2007


Before I show you my latest digital you may or may not have noticed I changed the look of my art blog. I just had to...the other one made my blog feel dull and disconnected to who I am...(does that make sense?) I like colors to jump out and pop so I figured with a white background and coloring in everything else and the colors of my art would make it more interesting and appealing. Let me know what you think...I am always up to suggestions.
Today was a GREAT day because my daughter and husband did the grocery shopping (as usual) but the best part is my daughter brought home a new art journal for me to start and several
blank flat canvases of different sizes and acrylic paints. WOW...I am really excited.
Of course my head just started going crazy about ideas...she also bought us some composition notebooks...she said we could decorate them and make them journals for others. (you gotta love the kid)
So now I have a bit more to be creative with....

I believe the flower is called red trillian...but I am not sure...someone in a group I belong to
send the photo to the group and this is what I did...painted it digitally.
It reminds me of Christmas...
Thanks for Looking!


altermyworld said...

Hi Ellie thank you for stopping by my blog, hahahaha yes the lucy story was a bit funny, i love her so much, your digital paintings are so pretty, the trillium is gorgeous.
Your daughter is amazing also.

Jana B said...

wow!!!!! sounds like you have an awesome daughter! Can't wait to see what you make out of the supplies they gifted you with! :o)