Thursday, October 18, 2007


The above image refers to a project called "Be Brave Project"
It is to do something that scares you...I really do not think I could do the project
justice by trying to explain it I invite you to go to the site by clicking on the graphic
and checking it out for yourself.
I think it is an awesome concept and I will let you know what I did to be Brave!


Jana B said...

WWooooo hooooo!!! Congrats on joining!!!!!! I have joined it too, but haven't posted for a while... I figure a trip across the country, alone, to meet strangers, counts as being brave!!! LOL

Anke said...

Checked it out, definitely something to think about, but I think for me, every day, it would be a little stressfull. sooooo, I stick with my once in a while have to do stuff I don't really want to.....;)