Monday, September 22, 2008


Hello Everyone-
WOWOWOW - it has been forever since I have checked in and for that I apologize...
Yes I was getting quite sick but then one thing led to another and I just could not recover fast enough for me!
I will say that there is good news...on January 25th I actually stopped smoking-cold turkey.
I had been smoking since I was a teenager - but I just woke up one morning and the desire
was no longer there - (why it took so many years beats me) but I am so grateful that the habit is gone.....I did not even have the slightest desire to light up or sneak a smoke or anything...
Honestly once I woke up with no desire - it has not entered my way of being anymore - THANK GOD I AM apparently inspired my hunnie and he quit in April...I am so happy
for him...what has kept him from smoking is the fact that I do this is a double blessing!
So much has happened - suffice it to say - that lots of news has gone on- highlights include:

*daughter's prom
*daughter's graduation
*deployed Son in army came home for two weeks
*parents' health has declined
*some loving pets have gone on to the rainbow bridge
*computer crashed big time
*hurricanes have come and gone

As you can see it has been busy here - I will eventually get to all my news- I am taking things
very slowly so I do not feel so overwhelmed (which is a problem I am trying to deal with).
I do want to mention that because my puter crashed I have lost all of my saved sites and email addresses and such - so please - leave your blog address in the comments so I can build up my links again...I would so appreciate it!!!
BTW-- if you would like to create a word cloud (like my graphic above) go to WORDLE and check it put in your site url and it gathers all the most commonly used words you use in your site and puts it all together for you - you can pick up the layout and colors too.,,..,I think it is pretty cool myself...LOL
I know this may not be the kind of entry you all were looking for but for me it is the best I can do right now---I would like to THANK YOU ALL for always sending comments my way to check up on me - your caring truly touched my heart....I am here to say I am okay - and I am doing my best to feel better each and every day...but THANK YOU ALL for being there -
I shall return - PROMISE~~


Anke said...

OH Ellie! I sure missed you and checked pretty regulary your page here and the other pages to see what's going on and how you are doing! I'm sooooo glad you are feeling better and hey congratulations on quitting smoking! That is a really great success! I never smoked but I can imagine that it is a hard thing to stop. Soooooo celebrate it!
I got your email the other day, I just don't have time to also sign up there, my blogs keep me busy enough. Thanks for thinking on my though.So don't be mad, I will keep in touch with you here or by email if you want. That's easier for me.
So now to that Word Creation. When I saw it, I thought, wow that is pretty cool! I will check that page out. Sounds like a lot of fun! Wonder how mine will look. Thanks for sharing the link.
So now to your big events, wow you sure had a lot of big things to deal with this summer. Not to mention those hurican season this year! My husband's grandpa was close to getting hit with IKE. But he was lucky! That must be so scary. We live pretty protected from all that here in the heart of Europe.
So, I will check out your word creation again.......big hug, have a great day! Big smile, Anke ;)

Anonymous said...

omg ellie!!!!!!!!

i am so glad that you are back online! wondered how the hex you been doing!!!!

yay for quitting smoking...both you & the hubby. i have never smoked, but wish that my 2 younger sibs would quit! they look older than me!!!!

so glad you found me on twitter. will see what you been up to there, hee.

take are & post whenever you feel up to it!

xo mary ann

Holly said...

WOW! Welcome back! You have been busy!
First of all, congrats on quitting smoking. That's an awesome change! I have started again just in the past two weeks, but am setting a deadline for myself - right after my college reunion next week!

So glad you're back online. Sorry about your parents' health. I guess we're all dealing with some life stuff.

Take care of you


altermyworld said...

Dearest Ellie, Its so wonderful to see you back, YES take it easy, i love your blog and you.
Congrats on not smoking i quit 6 years ago.
take care and see ya soon.

Jana B said...

I'm SO glad that you're back Ellie!!!!!! *big hug* Going to your other blog now to read the rest of your updates.

I've missed you so much. *hug again*